Clash royale gems buying guide

Clash Royale Gems Buying Guide & Strategy

When you download and install the game for the first time on your mobile device or computer, you automatically receive 100 gems. With Clash Royale Bot you can get unlimited gems on iOS and Android quickly without risk so do not hesitate it’s free!

Achievements also make it possible to obtain gems for free. At present, there are eight objectives to be attained that enable it to be unlocked. Joining a clan earns 100 gems, giving 25 cards to a friend win 3, winning 1,000 cards in the tournament allows you to get ten gems, etc.

Achievements do not develop a long-term source of gems since there are only eight goals to achieve, and it is not possible to repeat them several times. Gems can also be obtained by opening chests.

Beware, not all chests contain gems, and they usually contain very little. You will never find a treasure inside a silver or gold chest. Only free chests and crown chests hold gems (up to four per chest):

What to do with Gems

The clash Royale gems accelerate the player’s progress in the Clash Royale game. They have three main uses. Gems can be used to speed up the opening of chests. You must know that the chests do not open instantly: a silver chest takes three hours, a magic chest requires 12 hours, and so on.

Using a gem reduces the time of ten minutes, so it can cost quite a lot on the longest coffers to open. Gems can also be used to buy gold and chests in the shop. We know the operation of the chests, but what about gold? Gold allows you to upgrade your cards, buy new cards, or create a clan (it will take 1,000). Finally, the gems are useful on Clash Royale to start tournaments that can yield big (gold and new cards).

Our Tips for buying Gems

It can be tempting to buy gems in the shop to move faster in Clash Royale. If you have money to devote to game resources, follow our tips for optimal use. It should be noted that the unit price of gems decreases according to the quantity purchased. So when you buy 80 gems for 0.99 €, the hundred gems cost 1.23 €. On the other hand, when you buy 14,000 with the offer at 99.99 €, the one hundred gems cost only 0.71 €.

clash royale gems cost

We advise you to minimize your purchases of resources by preferring to make large orders, rather than multiplying small purchases at 0.99 €. Our final advice: use your gems wisely. We think it’s smart always to keep it aside to speed up the opening of your chests when you can no longer accumulate them. Do not forget to take a look at our blog clash royale trick.

How to Play Stronger In Clash Royale Game

The Supercell company has hit a big hit with the release in recent years of these three games, which are the most downloaded strategy games on smartphones. Clash Royale is his name and to play and evolve quickly you will certainly want to know tricks and technique that will help you? That’s what we’re going to show you here.

Play and play again

Eh yes! This seems rather trivial, but to evolve, you have to play. However, we must not play aimlessly and without a strategy. What do you mean? To perform efficiently and earn the most resources, you must play to win. It means you must play only when you have the opportunity to win chests.

It is necessary because the safes are a safe and efficient way to earn resources like gems or gold coins. With the new update, you have the opportunity to win new cards that differ according to your combat arena. For example, you can find the ice wizard, the spirits of fire, and so on.

The more you play to have chests, the more you increase your chances of winning impressive chests such as a giant or super magic chests. Playing anywhere in the field may raise the trophy level, but it does not allow you to win extra chests once your chest list is full. You have to play wisely.

Do not stay all the time in the same arena.

To have a better chance of winning pirated or super rare cards, you have to climb carefully and take care to win all the cards in an arena before jumping to the next level. This guarantees you a powerful and dynamic card game. Once you have harvested all the cards from an arena, you can seek to move to the top stage; this will guarantee you some stability in your advancement.

The other thing that it does not neglect is the improvement of the cards because there is no point collecting cards to keep them at level 1. It is, therefore, more important to improve your cards, especially those that You use the most. The higher the level of a card, the greater its attack and defense points.

Improvement of the cards goes hand in hand with the evolution of the game. To evolve quickly in this strategy game, you must play smart and be a little patient to collect the cards of each arena and improve them. This game is a bargain for players who like to use their brain to play.

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